If you’re not on Social Media, you are nobody! Or so we’ve heard. It’s not true, obviously, but it shouldn’t be ignored as a useful marketing outlet.

There are myriad competing Social Media channels and while the big three – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – still rule the roost there are plenty more to consider that could pay dividends.

The way we look at it is like traditional print advertising: In the good old days you just bought advertising space in whatever magazine you thought would reach the most customers who might be interested in your products or services. Social Media is no different.

People use each app, channel or outlet in different ways. Some apps allow in-depth marketing messages, others are just good for posting photos. The trick is to either create tailored content for each one or to concentrate on the one app that most closely appeals to your prospective customers.

The main drawbacks are that you are competing for attention against all manner of other people, companies and organisations. We’ve all heard about the one video clip that went viral and got millions of views or likes but even that can be fleeting and not gain you many sales or new customers if it did not prompt those viewers or clickers to follow through and interact with you.

It is not enough to post updates on Facebook and Twitter and hope for the best, you are doing nothing more than offering a ‘me too’ message. Social Media should be treated as part of a bona fide marketing strategy, even if you only want to raise your profile without winning instant sales, you will still need to formulate your approach and follow it through.

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