We have spent most of our working lives in publishing of some description. In its simplest form it is the art of combining words and photos in such a way that you attract a readership.

For some publications and books, just the fact that a person has bought your work is enough, that is how you build an income. Others might need to harness that audience to sell advertising or products.

While this is a simplified description, publishing that relies on sales alone is very different to publishing that relies on third party advertising or promotions. Add to that the very diverse nature of the way the published word can now be consumed and it all gets a little complicated.

We started with letterpress – the physical act of moving bits of lead, adding ink and transferring a message onto paper – but have managed to survive well into the digital age.

Every reader is different and the diverse nature of modern publishing means that you may have to look at both physical and digital distribution of your work. Whatever the intended use, readership and story being told, we can help you make sure that your investment into time, resources and people will pay dividends.

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