Photography, simply the art of capturing an image. But is it? Photography has almost as many different definitions and uses as there are photographers. Some look to create purely artistic works. Others are more concerned with selling a product or capturing an event.

Our director, Simon, said “My first foray into real photography – not just taking holiday snaps – was as a teenager, using a friends borrowed Olympus SLR. He took it more seriously than me and built his own developing and printing facilities. I then had another ‘go’ at college. But it wasn’t until I bought a Nikon digital SLR about ten years ago that I started to look at it properly.”

Having taught myself, through trial and error, over the intervening years I’ve got to the point where I think I can add ‘Photographer’ to my skillset.

While looking for photographers to assist with a project it is worth noting that just owning an expensive camera doesn’t make you a photographer any more than attaching an expensive keyboard to your PC makes you a great writer.

We have seen many professional photographers, who still manage to make a living at it, churn out some truly dire images. We’ve also seen absolute amateurs create great shots with nothing more than an iPhone.

The photos taken and images created should adequately match and truly enhance the publication or marketing purpose that they are intended for. A creative photographic artist may not be the best, or even affordable, choice for product photography to use in an online shop, and a specialist sports photographer will not be the best person to hire to shoot your wedding.

Choosing the right photographer is as important as choosing the best theme, lighting and styling.

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