PR or Public Relations is more than marketing under another banner. It encompasses the way a company, individual or organisation communicates with, and presents themselves to the public, the media and other organisations.

PR should help you maintain a positive image and a trustworthy reputation with anyone you should need to interact with. If a customer has a choice between two companies to buy products or services from they will invariably go with the one that they have heard of or that they trust, even if they have never bought from you before or there may be a considerable price difference.

Marketing pushes your products and services to an intended customer base. Public Relations builds the validity and credibility of your brand to distinguish you from everyone else out there.

When handled sensitively and effectively, a good PR specialist will also be able to promote your company or brand to media outlets in a way that they eventually begin to seek out the information and want to, in turn, promote you to their readership or viewers in a way that basic marketing can never do.

If you manage to get both the marketing and PR working for you properly you will reap rewards that either activity on its own could never hope to do.

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